Yes. We cover the first 3 sheet of plywood for free and it is very rare for any more than that to be damaged. We also recommend you have a home inspector check if there is any mold in the attic because we can only see from the top of the roof.

It all depends on the shape of the roof. Closed Valley’s offer a tighter seal for snow and ice. Metal Valley’s work best when the two roof slopes are the same.

There is a 99 percent chance that you have an organic roof and they do not hold up to the sun for too long. The side that will see the most sun will deteriorate first. Fiberglass shingles will perform much better with your new roof.

Yes it is. If the driveway is under a year old then the last thing you want is 20 ton delivery truck on it. Please note this on the form and the shingles will need to be delivered to the lawn.

Yes, you may find a few nails and you definitely will want to keep an eye out. We do try our best and we do sweep with a magnetic broom. If you have kids or pets that play in the backyard please note this on the form.

NO, it will suck out your heat most of the year.

We Replace all vents with new vents and we can also add one or two more if you notice more rooms are hot in the summer. Please note on the form to add a vent or two with a general location. One vent is needed for every 300 sqft of roofing that is what we follow.

Yes, if the satellite is on the roof, it will need to be taken apart to insure a proper installation.

No unless there is a gap at your roof line which is very rare. We find Drip-edge just causes congestion in the eves trough system.

Yes there will be a bin put on the driveway the morning of the installation. The bin is usually gone the next day. Depending on the city you may need an overnight parking pass.

Unfortunately, no because we pay by the ton.

The only reason we would replace the flashing is for cosmetic reasons or deterioration. In most cases the flashing from the builder will last 100 years if it is maintained with caulking.

A downspout is not needed with fiberglass shingles. They perform better and do not deteriorate like the organic roof.

Due to Rain, Wind, Hot and Cold we would much rather give you a week window because one of these days can through off the entire schedual. Once the shingles are delivered on the roof we are usually there within a week and we do call a day before we start.

We follow the same procedure the builders do when we install your roof, except for one thing: we put on a shingle that will NOT blow away.
Please fill out the requirements listed on the form and any additional notes in the customer notes section. Please take a picture of the form or scan it and email it directly to Gitanoroofing@gmal.com with any additional question. As for payment, we do not take a deposit and we accept a cheque or money order a couple days after the job is completed. We do not take credit cards simply because they charge 3 percent.