It can get very confusing will all the negative reviews on the internet. Please take note: any Reviews you read online mean absolutely nothing because they are all about    organic shingles and they are history.

Let’s get one thing straight: 5 out of the 6 brands above have had a class action lawsuit with organic shingles. These 25 year organic shingles simply could not last 10 years. These shingles have put a lot of companies out of business due to horrible reviews all over the internet. These shingles cause mass confusion with home owners looking to buy a new roof.

The good news is all these brands have changed to FIBER-GLASS. Another huge plus is they are tab-less for better wind protection. (Please see 3-TAB vs TAB-LESS here

These days all of these brands offer a 50 year limited lifetime warranty that is pro-rated. You can opt for an extended warranty which usually cost additional 30% or more. AT Gitano Roofing we can install ANY ONE of these brands on your roof and we have included a price on the estimate form for each: however, nothing can compare to a 50 year IKO Cambridge shingle. This is the only fiberglass shingle made in Canada that has been proven to last. How, you may ask? IKO Cambridge shingle came on the market in 2003 and were installed across the GTA;  2016 inspections show they are still in mint condition. That’s right folks, almost 15 years later. Don’t believe us? (Please see our video inspections on Cambridge shingles installed in 2003) But wait, it gets even better! We are confident these shingles will go another 15 years, making IKO Cambridge a proven 30 year shingle. The question here is:  what other roofing company can provide this kind of information?

If you have seen the videos but you are still not convicted, take an IKO Cambridge shingle and put it in your own hands. You will notice it is much thicker than all the competitors. This shingle will not crack in cold weather, enabling us to work through the winters. We know that some of the competitors shingles are very brittle in cold weather and have been known to shatter like glass in hail storms. Test it out by putting a small piece of the shingle in the freezer and watch how easy it breaks when you snap it. This is not the case with an IKO Cambridge shingle.  Still not convinced? Turn an IKO Cambridge shingles over on its back and you will notice the tar line is thicker than all the competitors. The tar line is what ensures maximum wind protection. Not only is IKO Cambridge shingle, but also it carries the lowest price tag! This is WIN WIN in our books.

If you presently have an organic roof that has failed, we can help you get some money towards your new fiberglass roof, but only if you have a bill of sale. If you simply just do not want IKO Cambridge shingles, see the other available brand options on the estimate form.