What services do we provide?

We have been in this business for an extended time and have successfully built immeasurable goodwill because of the services we provide. One of our most prominent services is storm response, in this, you have no control over the storm but still, you can take certain measures for it like to hire professionals to assess and look over the conditioning of the roof to know whether it would survive the hurricane or not. Moreover, if it is in bad condition, then you can ask the professional to replace it. The primary function of Gitano Roofing is to deliver supreme quality shingles that don’t require much maintenance after being in place. If you’re moving into an old house or if your shelter starts leaking, then it seems appropriate to either replace or repair it.

The roof is an essential part of a house, and just like you get maintenance done of your home, it is crucial to do the same for your shelter. Reputed roofing contractors Toronto like us provide exemplary maintenance service and ensures that your housing doesn’t get damaged in the long run. Many people have this assumption that roofing is all about the exterior service, but experienced companies like us know that it’s crucial to repair the interior of the roof to ensure high-level longevity.

Repair or Replace?

This question has confused many customers when it comes to the crucial decision whether one should replace the roof or repair it and the answer is quite simple, it depends on the condition of the shelter. If your roof is in such a state that it would be good after a repair, then it would be futile to replace it. But how should one assess whether a roof is in good condition or not? It can be quickly done by hiring a professional from one of the trusted roofing companies Toronto area. Our professional team members are experienced and have a vast knowledge of this industry so that you can get desired assistance in this dilemma.

Even after the advice if you are dissatisfied with the response, then always remember that the last call is yours. It doesn’t matter what the professional tell if you want to go with the other option, we would be more than happy to do that. In case you are based in Toronto, make sure to check out the best roofing Toronto companies to make the right call.

What makes us so special?

In order to choose the best rooftop Toronto, you need to know why that company is suited for you. To do that you need to compare and contrast the features of different companies to find out that special element. If we talk about us, we always focus on customer satisfaction and that in itself has a lot of factors attributed to it. For ensuring customer satisfaction, we have made a team of qualified professionals who are excellent in dealings and tremendous in their skillset. Moreover, they are experienced and customer friendly. We provide training to our employees so that they can deal with any work situation with ease.

We have also dedicated one section of Gitano Roofing to customer redressal so if you have any complaints or questions, we would be more than happy to assist you. Customers choose a company because they need excellent roofing service and this is where we lead. We provide top-notch and high-end service by using suitable quality materials to customers. Many people just go for the option- Roofers near me, but this is not good as a reputed company should not be determined by the accessibility in terms of distance.

Things to consider while going for roofing services in Toronto?

⦁ Always go for companies that provide insurance

Insurance is essential for a variety of reasons, one of them being that without insurance, you would have to suffer huge costs which can be easily avoided by paying a small amount of premium. Many people have this perception that they can save a tremendous amount of cash by not paying the premium but in the long run, insurance is far more beneficial than the premium in terms of monetary expenses.

⦁ Price isn’t everything

Price is merely a factor to attract customers, what one should focus on are services and customer assistance. Many local companies try to poach clients by offering low prices while including inadequate services at the same time. If you are serious about the conditioning of your roof, make sure to choose a reputable company like us with an objective to satisfy the customer and provide exemplary services.

⦁ Customer assistance is a must

Never pick a firm that holds a history of ghosting their clients after taking the payment. Every firm should make it their primary objective to help the customer in any way possible and set its communication lines for that purpose. Think of a scenario where your roof starts leaking and you are not able to contact the company, how irritating is that? This can be avoided by choosing a high-end professional company.

⦁ Get everything in writing

Verbal contracts do not hold much validity in the court of law as the terms do not have a proper record and they can be manipulated easily. When you get something in writing, it has more validity as there is an appropriate record of it.

Why Choose us?

We are a rooftop Toronto company and time and time again it is proved that we are the best. Being the industry leaders, Gitano Roofing takes pride in saying that our work is different and better than other companies due to the services we provide, moreover, our price is not exceptionally high so you can easily afford our assistance. We have a long term standing reputation in the market that we have built with our hard work over time by providing customers with what they need, thus our level of customer satisfaction is excellent.

We have a combination of different settings that includes providing customers with commercial, residential, and industrial roofing options. Choosing our company is like making a long-term investment which is undoubtedly going to pay you back some day. Our rate of customer retention is also quite high because once a customer avails our services, he or she is likely to do that again.

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